Frustrated by  your credit card processing statements and expense? You are not alone. Credit card processing statements are, in most cases, designed to be confusing and almost impossible to understand. This is how processors hide the additional charges they get from their customers. Every transaction you process would have the exact same cost from the card brands, regardless of who you process with. The only variable is how much in additional fees your processor is charging you. This is what we help you control.

As an example, one processor last year developed a new product and rolled it out to every one of their customers. It was $20 per month ($240 per year) and it added no value to 98% of the merchants. It’s what we call a “Fund Raiser” for the processor. Processors’ know that the majority of merchants never look at their statements, and even if they do, they don’t know how to see hidden charges. That is why we ask you to send us your statement for review every quarter. We will make sure that your rates and miscellaneous charges are not being changed without your knowledge. Your analysis and quarterly review report is usually returned to you within 3 business days.

When you enroll with Merchant Profit Defender (MPD) we will review your statement and give you what we think your rates should be. You would then contact your current processor to see if they will match the recommended rates. If they do, you start saving money right away. If they don’t, then you should shop for a processor that will give you those rates. MPD does not sell credit card processing, but we can put you in contact with processors that we know will give you this kind of pricing. (We do not receive payments from the processors). If you do change processors we will review your first statement to make sure you got the rates you were supposed to get. Then you send us your statement every quarter and we make sure no changes have been made to your rates.

The cost for our service is $150 per year. Most merchants would save much more than that by just getting the better rates we recommend. In the earlier example, the new charge by the processor was $240 per year. Another merchant will see over $2000 in annual savings. If, after we review your 1st statement, we find you have a “great rate” that cannot be improved, and you don’t want to continue with the quarterly monitoring, we will then refund you $75.

Sign up today! See if you can start improving your “Profits” and stop adding to your credit card processor’s bottom line. You can email a pdf of your most current statement to sales@merchantprofitdefender.com or fax it to 515-235-5295.

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